Bar Screens

Kelso offers wastewater screening equipment selection and installation for both municipal and industrial markets. We are always keeping long term process reliability in mind. 

Effectively removing large, potentially damaging solids from wastewater influent is essential for protecting downstream pumping processes. Considerations such as influent flow rate, channel size, and screen mesh size must be taken into account when selecting the proper bar screen for your headworks debris. It is critical that your screen can hold up to high flow during storms, and remain unjammed in emergency situations.

A properly selected Chain Rake Bar Screen (front or back cleaned unit) is designed to withstand extensive hydraulic forces, preventing future deflection and vibrations. When the rake reaches the top of the beaching plate, the wiper assembly is activated. Cycles of operation are systematically controlled by a timer or due to head loss accross the screen using a differential pressure switch. Manual operation is also an option. 

Catenary Chain Rake Bar Screens allow for the ascending chain with rakes to hang free and re-engage the bottom of the bar rake using its own weight. This renders the catenary design “jam-proof” making it great for applications where immediate operation is required following months of no use. For ease of maintenance, there are no submerged shaft bearings or sprockets in our catenary bar screen design.

Kelso takes pride in representing PRO-Equipment. PE is an American company that has provided innovative and reliable wastewater equipment since 1997. Contact us to recieve more information on how to improve your wastewater screening and solids separation processes. 

Specialty Items Include: Continuous Belt Screens, Screenings Washer/Compactors, Climbing Rake Screens, Screw Screens, Microscreens, Aerators, Blowers, Diffusers, Mixers, Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Floatation, & Belt Presses.