FRP Tanks


KELSO FRP Tanks are manufactured custom storage tanks of all types and sizes for the proper and safe storage of food, water, gasoline and corrosive chemicals. Our manufacturer’s advanced facilities can accommodate storage vessel construction of all types.

We offer a wide range of storage tank types, with sizes ranging from 25 to 40,000 gallons. Resins used in fabrication are lab-tested and chosen based on information you provide about what will be stored in the tank. Each vessel manufactured is subject to rigorous quality control inspections prior to shipment.


Certified Manufacturers

Our manufacturer meets all universally accepted standards for storage tank construction, including certification for underground gasoline storage tanks. So no matter the task, we have the experience, knowledge, product quality and training to handle the job.

30,000 gallon horizontal for Sodium Hypochlorite fabricated with vinyl ester resins, nexus veil, and BPO/DMA curving for added service life:

15 Ton Brine Tank:

15,000 gallon flat bottom dome top with top handrail and mixer support for Animal Fat. FDA approved Resins available:

6,000 gallon leg tank with top handrail for waste water neutralization:

UL 1316 & ASTM 4021 Underground Petroleum Storage Tank. Available in Single and Double Wall:

3-8,000 gallon chemical tanks. Inside concrete containment lined with fiberglass and vinyl ester resin:

10,000 gallon underground tank:

Leg Tank:

Custom Tank:

1,075 gallon rectangular tank with supporting ribs, rim flange and cover: