KELSO FRP Buildings

Fiberglass Composite Buildings
    – All Weather
    – Modular Type
    – Molded One-Piece Type

High quality fiberglass composite buildings designed for all-weather, year-round protection of your equipment and/or instrumentation.   Corrosion resistant materials of construction are used to ensure long life.  

Modular Buildings offer corrosion resistant materials of construction for an extra long life.  Modular-type construction enables flexibility and variation in sizing and design.  These lightweight, easy to install buildings are insulated to reduce heating and cooling costs and are virtually maintenance free.  There are numerous sizes and optional equipment items available to meet your requirements.

Molded One-Piece Buildings are built to be virtually maintenance free and are also insulated to reduce heating/cooling costs.  These One-Piece Buildings are also lightweight for easy installation and are available in numerous sizes and optional equipment items are available to meet your requirements.  Fast delivery on many sizes.