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The  AAF ArrestAll self-contained dust collector is a shaker-type fabric collector that removes over 99% of general industrial dusts by weight. The ArrestAll is economical to operate, simple to maintain, and requires minimum floor space. Designed to serve a single source or a system of multiple sources, it saves energy by recirculating clean air. 

The AAF ArrestAll has been engineered for years of efficient service in such intermittent applications as woodworking, grinding, polishing, packaging and venting with reliable off-line cleaning. It is available in modular configurations for almost unlimited airflow capacities. Choose from bin vent, flat bottom, or funnel bottom dust disposal arrangements, with either standard or extra wide pocket

spacing. An automatic shaker is standard on sizes AR1-3 to AR6-25. Sizes range from 3 to 25 horse power and 300 to 12,000 cfm.

AAF Cartridge Collector

The AAF cartridge collector system is a completely modular design that allows an unlimited range of sizes. The compact modules help conserve valuable space, and can be interconnected to accommodate the largest air cleaning task. 
AAF Cartridge Collector units have the lowest flange-to-flange pressure drop, allowing up to 10% greater airflow with lower fan horsepower than competitive models. The aerodynamic design permits free-fall of dislodged particulate into the hopper without direct impingement of contaminant on the cartridges, minimizing abrasion and dust build-up.A wide selection of cartridge types, options, and accessories enable the collector to be tailored to specific application requirements. Choose from top or front inlet and side or bottom outlet arrangements.

AAF Downdraft Benches

AAF’s line of DownDraft Benches offers a hands-free method of capture at the source of fumes and dust.

AAF Model DDB-3000 is a portable unit equipped with an automatic reverse-pulse cartridge cleaning system. The unit offers a 42″ x 48″ x 36″ work surface with integrated overhang, along with a standard steel bar grating, two pleated cartridges, magnetic motor starter, and silencer. 

AAF Model DDB-1200 is a portable bench unit supplied with a 10′ power cord and an on/off toggle switch. The unit offers a 30″ x 30″ x 35″ work surface, along with a standard steel bar grating, 2″ washable aluminum mesh pre-filter, and a disposable paper pleated filter.

***Units are available for just about any size table requirements.*** 

AAF Portable Dust, Fume and Smoke Collectors

AAF portable extractors are a convenient and flexible solution for multiple sources of dust, weld fume and smoke and can be moved around your facility to suit the changing demands of your operation. 

The portable units feature one or two completely articulated, extendable arms. Pulse-jet cleaning maintains the high efficiency cartridge filters for lower maintenance and longer service life. The units operate from 300 to 1500 CFM airflow. 

KELSO Source Capture Loading Arms

Source Capture Loading Arms collect fumes, smoke and other airborne pollutants at the source. Positioned directly over a process, the swing arm can be used in combination with a dust or mist collector or stand alone. This source capture equipment ensures a clean environment for workers in many industrial processes.

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