Vaughan Rotamix Process Mixing Systems

Rotamix® Process Mixing Systems are the Lowest Life Cycle Mixing Systems Available

For digesters, sludge storage and other high-volume applications. The Rotamix system optimizes solids contact with its unique “dual rotational zone” mixing pattern, plus: The Vaughan Rotamix system is exactly what it claims to be – the best mixing system available today.

Rotamix systems include a Vaughan Horizontal End Suction Chopper Pump in combination with Vaughan Mixing Nozzles® that mount either through existing manways in the roof or on the floor.  Roof mounts allow retrofit without tank cleaning.  Floor mounted nozzles are for more permanent installations.  Nozzle sizing is dependant on mixing requirements and digester capacity. Mixing action is based on rotation of the digester contents.  This cost effective system provides ease of access to the pump for routine maintenance, and increases overall efficiency by chopping and pumping solids continuously, all for less cost than conventional mixing systems.

Say no more to common problems with conventional mixing systems:

– Improves volatile solids reduction

– Increases methane production 

– Reduces sludge volume 

– Saves energy during non-peak hours with a variable frequency drive

– Allows continued mixing until tank is empty 

– No rotating equipment within the tank

– No in tank maintenance following installation

– Allows use of single mix pump for multiple tanks & transfer 

– Vaughan® Chopper Pump prevents clogging 

– Costs less to purchase, install and operate 

– Backed by field-experienced experts 

– Includes 10-Year, full Nozzle Warranty